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         In 1956, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) was reinstalled on its current campus in HsinchuTaiwan. Since relocating, NTHU began its operations with the Graduate Institute of Nuclear Science (INS), which was then made up of three division.In 1958, INS form three divisions including Nuclear Physics Division, Nuclear Chemisty Division, and Nuclear Engineering Division. In the meantime, Van de Graaff Accelerator Laborotory was set up in Nuclear Physics Division. In 1965, The Department of Phyics evolved from Nuclear Physics Division of INS adn the next year the Graduate Institute of Physics was established and began its masters' and doctoral program program. The Van de Graaff Accelerator Laboratory was operated under Department of Physics evolved in 1965. The laboratory was located in old Department of Physics Building. After running the Laboratory for 32 year, the leader of laboratory, Prof. Yuen-Chung Liu, and the users of accelerator proposed merging Instrument Division of Nuclear Science and Techonolgy Development and Van de Graaff Accelerator Laboratory to form a new laboratory, Accelerator Laboratory. In 1991, the Accelerator Laboratory was set up. In 1995, the Van de Graaff KN accelerator was moved from old Department of Physics Building to the Acceleator Building. And a tamdem accelerator (NEC 9SDH-2) was operate in March of 1995. In 1999, the open air 500kV accelerator was re-installed in Accelerator Laboratory and start operation at 2000.


Built Experimental Stataions:


Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry, RBS 1990

Particle Induced X-Ray Emission, PIXE 1991

Elasitc Recoiled Detection, ERD 1993

Low Energy Implantation Station (on 9SDH-2 SINCS Ion Source)1996

Heavy Ion Bcakscattering with Channeling 1998

Nuclear Reaction Analysis for Hydrogen 2004

Triple Beam Irradiation Station 2005

Cell Irraidation (2010/2012)



Magnetic Nanodiamonds as Contrast Agents Report 1 

Magnetic Nanodiamonds as Contrast Agents Report 2



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