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Van de Graaff KN 型正離子加速器
  • Van de Graaff KN型 串級式加速器控制面板
  • Van de Graaff KN型 串級式加速器加速管
High Voltage Engineering Corp.(HVEC)


FR-1344 (1957)

The Van de Graaff Model KN Positive Ion Accelerator, designed and manufactured by High Voltage Engineering Corporation, Burlington, Massachusetts, is a precision, 3 MeV, high intensity source of positive ions. The Model KN accelerator is capable of accelerating positive ions--protons, deuterons, and tritons--or with modifications(electro conversion components) a beam of electrons to an energy of 3 million electron volts. It is also capable, with accessories, of producing radiations or secondary particles--neutrons and X-rays. A constant potential is characteristic of Van de Graaff electrostatic, high voltage generator. The accelerated beam is intense, homogeneous, of known energy and of predictable direction and dimension. The beam is also stable and controllable over a wide range of energies. The basic equipment can be separated into three component part:

1. The Van de Graaff Generator: The generator is the basic voltage generating unit. It contain a base-mounted assembly of drivemotor, charging belt, generator column, and high voltage terminal. The generator is mounted in a steel pressure tank for insulating purpose.

2. The Particle Accelerator Components: An accelerator tube and an accelerator tube extension to connect the accelerator tube to the utilization device are continuously evacuate by means of a vacuum pump and cold trap. The tube and tube extension provide a free path for the accelerated particles which are emitted into the tube from the positive ion source. A controllable cooling water system is installed to keep the generator, diffusion pump, and target operating temperatures at the most efficient level. A radiofrequency-type ion source and associated components are furnished to supply the positive ions for acceleration.

3. The Controls: A control cabinet houses the control necessary for operation. Circuit adjustments and protective devices are provided where required. A power distribution board is provided for convenience and safety.


RBS, ERD: α 粒子

0.8MV ~ 3MV