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500kV Air Insulated Heavy Ion Accelerator
  • HVEE 500kV 離子佈值機裝置圖
  • HVEE 500kV 離子佈值機控制版
  • HVEE 500kV 離子佈值機主機
  • 離子佈值機的Chamber
  • Chamber內部--樣品的Holder
The instrument is an open air 500 KV ion implanter, manufactured by High Voltage Engineering Europe (HVEE, The Netherlands) with ion sources model SO-55-1, SO-60, and SO-100 and an ion implantation stage.


Ion energy range: 50-500 keV
Ion Type: most elements from the periodic table
Ion current range: in excess uA depending on ion type
Target chamber vacuum: 10 -7 Torr
Sample temperature control: -196°C to 800°C
Sample irradiation area: up to 4 inch wafer size with 5 wafers loaded
Uses: ion implantation, ion beam mixing

Implant Station

The Implant stage allows for irradiations of up to five 4 inch wafers before loading/unloading with a range from liquid nitrogen temperatures to 800 degree of C.

Beams, 50 KV to 500 KV
H, He, Ar, N, O, In,