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500kV Heavy Ion Implanter
  • HVEE 500kV 離子佈值機裝置圖
  • HVEE 500kV 離子佈值機控制版
  • HVEE 500kV 離子佈值機主機
  • 離子佈值機的Chamber
  • Chamber內部--樣品的Holder
High Voltage Engineering Europe(HVEE)

Open Air 500KV Implanter

Serial No.:
FR 50-141 (1990)


The HVE heavy ion accelerators have been specially designed to meet the increasing demands in the market for a highly stable source of ion beams in the higher kilovolt ranges. The major units are:

1. The HV-terminal contains ion source, preacceleration and lens system, analyzing magnet and a slit system. The terminal is supported by insulators. All necessary power supplies are contained in the terminal and are powered by a motor-generator set

2. The slit housing assembly and beam profile monitor.

3. The high voltage power supply

4. The accelerator tube and resistor stack

5. The pumping and electronics rack containing pumping equipment, vacuum monitoring equipment, the quadruple triplet lens and it's power supply, the oil circulation pump with the heat exchanger

6. The beam sweep and steerer assembly

7. The neutral trap

8. The target chamber

9. The control cabinet

10. The gate valves

11. The turbo molecular pumps

12. Motor-generator

Available ion source

1. Hollow Cathode High Temperature Ion Source Model SO-55
利用SO-55可佈值之離子: H, He, C, N, O, Ar,

2. Penning Ion Source Model SO-60
利用SO-60可佈值之離子: H, He, N,