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9SDH-II Tandem Accelerator
National Electronic Corporation(NEC)


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9SDH-II tandem accelerator was designed and developed by the American NEC for accelerating charged particles, and the highest terminal voltage is 3 MV. The main parts of the 9SDH-II Tandem Accelerator consist of four terms:

1. SNICS (Source of Negative Ion by Cesium Sputtering): This solid ion source can be used to create many negative ions ( from hydrogen to gold)

2. Accelerator: The accelerating tube and the high voltage size are usually located in a high-pressured tube filled with high-pressured insulating gas--SF6

3. Switch Magnets: We can use switch magnets to select the ion beam we want

4. Quadrupole: Used to focus the ion beams

Available ion source

1. H, B, C, O, F, Al, Si, P, Cr, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Ge
  • SNICS機制示意圖
  • 9SDH-II 串級式加速器配置圖
  • 9SDH-II 串級式加速器控制面板
  • 9SDH-II 串級式加速器加速管